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Fire alarms and systems must meet or exceed the ULC quality standards to be safe for use in commercial and residential properties. Supreme Security offers ULC fire monitoring in Calgary, testing your fire systems to ensure they operate within ULC standards and protect your property.

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Immediate Smoke & Fire Detection

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Fire Detectors

Fire detectors are mandatory for all commercial premises to guarantee safety. When the system detects flames, it will sound an alarm for people to exit the building safely. 

Smoke Detectors

A smoke detector will operate 24/7, and when it senses smoke, it will sound the alarm, allowing employees to exit the building in time. Emergency services will be dispatched to the location.   

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Heat Sensors

Heat sensors are a device for detecting fires and will activate when temperatures exceed a fixed threshold. These devices can be used alongside fire and smoke detectors and not as a direct replacement.

Supreme Fire Monitoring in Calgary

What Our Clients Say

The ULC is the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, an independent organization that tests commercial security systems and safety products, such as fire alarms, commercial alarm systems and fire extinguishers. They have been around for over 100 years and are accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.

Having an ULC accredited fire alarm system ensures your workplace, employees, assets, and building are protected from a potentially harmful situation. Insurance companies will also not insure any building that does not have ULC fire monitoring.

Any smoke or fire detected in your business will trigger our fire alarm systems, notifying our central station, where the fire department is immediately dispatched and you, the business owner, are notified directly.