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You can protect your business from any intrusions, breaks-in or environmental threats thanks to our commercial alarm systems in Calgary. Supreme Security can install various alarm systems, including intrusion and environmental, within your facility or commercial space, instantly improving your security presence while making it safer for employees.

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Disaster Mitigation

Fires, smoke, floods and carbon monoxide leaks can destroy your business, resulting in irreparable damages and costly repairs. You can prevent this by installing the necessary detectors, sensors and alarm systems to mitigate disasters.

Employee Safety

The presence and monitoring of business alarm systems in Calgary creates a safer working environment for employees, providing them peace of mind. If something does occur, your employees will be notified to avoid any dangers.

Loss Reduction

Commercial alarm systems can prevent internal theft and burglaries, saving you thousands of dollars in stolen products. This system will limit any damages to your bottomline, potential investments or growth in the future.

Commercial Alarm Services For Every Emergency

Burglar inside the house


Alarm systems deter both internal theft by staff and intruders looking to break in. Various chimes and lights will initiate if there has been a breach. You can combine them with access control systems and security cameras.

Bedroom on fire image

ULC Fire Monitoring

We offer ULC fire monitoring to check and test all fire alarm products in your home, ensuring they meet and exceed ULC standards. We’ll check fire and smoke detectors and heat sensors during our assessment.

Indoor flooding image


Flood detectors minimize the impact of man-made (broken waterline) and natural (seasonal downpour) floods. Although these systems can’t prevent disasters, they can notify you when any water or moisture has seeped into your property.

Electronic key access system with hand inserting key card to unlock door.

Door Access Control

Door access control and intercoms allow you to control and monitor who enters and exits your premises. You can do this directly from your mobile phone or device, meaning complete control 24/7.

Smoke carbon monoxide

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer as it is a colourless and odourless gas, affecting people without realizing it. Our systems can detect seepage, sounding an alarm and notifying the local authorities.

Commercial Alarm Systems From Supreme

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What to Expect From a
Commercial Alarm System


We can create a customized security solution that is catered to your requirements, combining several measures, such as alarm systems and business security cameras.


Our highly-trained team of installers can handle all alarm installations with ease and peace of mind. We’ll assess the ideal location to install these devices.

Product Training

Once installed, our experienced team will explain the technical and functional aspects of all newly installed alarm systems to essential management and employees.

Ongoing Monitoring
& Support

We support your business by offering you immediate and professional monitoring and maintenance for all alarm systems installed in your property.

Yes, you can. Our interactive technology offers remote access and control, enabling a connection with your mobile device. You can remotely arm/disarm your security system, view and receive entry/exit notifications and watch live or view recorded videos anywhere.

Yes, according to the City of Calgary, commercial properties must have a permit for each alarm on their location. This promotes the responsible use of alarm systems while ensuring both owners and security companies understand how law enforcement will be dispatched in the event of an alarm.

Not with our systems, they can’t. Our data security uses bank-quality encryption models that make it impossible for hackers to hack your alarm or camera system.

If you hold down the panic or fire alarm buttons on the touchpad for 1 to 3 seconds, an alarm is transmitted to the Supreme Customer Monitoring Center, and emergency services are dispatched immediately. This transmission cannot be cancelled once sent.

An alarm panel will normally display “No AC” when the system has lost electrical current. The outlet should be checked to verify that it is operational. If the outlet is working properly, a service call will be needed to troubleshoot other possible issues.

Your keypad is informing you that the alarm system is not ready to turn on (arm). Common reasons for this are that a door or window is not completely closed, a motion detector may be sensing movement, or a previous alarm has not been cleared out of the memory. Correct the condition and the alarm system will be ready to arm.

No. The Supreme system is designed to seize your phone line in order to call the Supreme Customer Monitoring Center. It will then release the line in order for the Customer Monitoring Center to notify you that an alarm signal was received.

Call us directly at (403) 242-7777 and we will update your account or send over a form for you to change your key holders. Have your personal identification code ready in order to make your changes. Make sure to tell everyone on your call list what to do in case they receive a call from Supreme.

Yes, but the overall reliability of the network connections used by some VoIP providers has not presently been proven to be as reliable as the more traditional, landline-based telephone service (Public Switched Telephone Network). Some VoIP services may be temporarily unavailable due to scheduled or unscheduled network outages. You may be familiar with such lapses in service based on your own experiences using the Internet. Supreme SafeWatch uses a cellular network to connect a Supreme alarm system to the Supreme Customer Monitoring Center, bypassing non-traditional telephone services altogether.