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It’s integral for all businesses, local or multinational, to have security cameras and video monitoring on their premises. Business security cameras in Calgary increase and enhance your workplace’s security by monitoring and recording everything that occurs, deterring theft while safeguarding products and personnel, even when you aren’t there. At Supreme Security, we offer high-end cameras and installation customized to your security requirements.

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Decrease Theft & Loss

Burglars will think twice about breaking into a commercial establishment when they notice perfectly positioned security cameras. It also deters internal thefts by your staff, resulting in fewer financial losses.

24/7 Monitoring

Our video monitoring in Calgary allows you to check and assess employee work habits, watch for incidents, and supervise unmanned sites. It also provides proof for all incidents, capturing faces, dates and actions.

Increase Productivity

Combining our security cameras and video monitoring with a complete commercial security system creates a safer, more secure working environment. The result is happier workers and increased productivity and output.

Our Business Security Camera Solutions

business security systems calgary

Indoor Cameras

Our team can set up and install an indoor CCTV (closed-circuit television) system by detecting blind spots and prime viewing perspectives, so you capture everything that occurs within your facility or commercial space.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor security cameras deter thieves and other intruders from breaking into your business or unlawfully entering restricted areas. They can also monitor all actions around your location, giving you peace of mind.

business security systems calgary
business security systems calgary

GPS Tracking

Keep track of all your key assets, including company cars or equipment, by installing our state-of-the-art GPS tracking devices. Our software offers real-time tracking of your assets and where they have been.

What to Expect With a Business
Security Camera From Supreme

What Our Clients Say

What to Expect With a Business
Security Camera From Supreme


Our team can bundle together a comprehensive security package, combining security cameras with other advanced technologies, including access control systems and automation.


We can effectively and efficiently install your security cameras by detecting blind and prime viewing spots while ensuring a smooth integration into your existing system.

Product Training

Your security team will have a full understanding of how our security cameras work and how to use them. Our team will provide extensive training to all essential personnel, including management.

Ongoing Monitoring
& Support

Having regularly scheduled monitoring can ensure that your cameras, videos and recordings are always operating at 100%. We can troubleshoot or support your devices when required.

It depends on how large your business is, the areas you want to cover, and your budget. We can determine how many you need when we visit your location for an assessment.

We offer immediate troubleshooting and support services to detect the potential issues before administering the necessary repairs to get it back to its best.

Yes, you can. All of our CCTV systems can be viewed right from your smartphone or device, so you can see who has been around your building when you are on location or if you’re away.

Thanks to the sophistication of our advanced devices, you can immediately, easily and efficiently track it down. You’ll be able to do it right from your smartphone or device.