Safe + Life Safety Package
SMART + Life Safety Package
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*Secured Remote Access Included – Home Security/Automation/Video Management & Control – Virtual Keypads – Push Notifications – Apple® HomeKit™ / Amazon Alexa Compatible – Voice Control
**HD Video Door Bell – See what is happening at your front door at all times

What to Expect From Your
Home Alarm System


Our security packages are not set in stone. We listen to clients' needs and customize our packages based on their lifestyles and requirements.


We employ and train highly-skilled and knowledgeable technicians who can install your home alarm systems in Calgary expertly.

Product Training

We provide you and your family with an overview of utilizing and managing your alarm system so it delivers continuous protection.

Ongoing Monitoring
& Support

If you have any issues, we offer ongoing monitoring and support to ensure your system works as it should.

There are several options available, each with its pros and cons. The most common options include Passive Infrared (PIR), which detects body heat by looking for changes in temperatures in the room; Active Infrared (IR) sensors, which use an emitter and receiver to monitor the distance from an object to a sensor and Microwave (MW) sensors that send out microwave pulses and measures the distance off a moving object. You can also choose from Photoelectric Beams, Vibration, Ultrasonic and many others.

The alarm system may be armed in the “Away” or “Stay” mode. Once the system is activated, each monitored zone can recognize a violation. Once a zone has been violated, the alarm system dials Supreme and transmits the message through a telephone line, internet, and GSM. Once the signal is received, the alarm system will wait to send another message if another zone is tripped. Entering the code and turning off the system will end this process.

A motion detector may activate falsely due to improper installation of the device above a heater or furnace or movement of objects (such as balloons, blinds, and curtains) within the range of a motion detector. In a situation like this, the motion sensor may require relocation or adjustment by our technicians.

Our alarm systems provide a delay period for the user. This delay period allows the user to disarm the system to prevent an alarm activation. The delay period can range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on what you prefer.

An alarm system may lose communications for several reasons. The telephone line the system communicates through may be inoperable or equipment on the alarm system may not be functioning properly. Operational malfunctions within your phone company or Supreme may also be possible reasons for communications failure.

Yes. In case of a power loss, the back-up battery will activate to maintain your alarm protection for several hours. In the event your battery is low, a low-battery signal will be sent to your Customer Monitoring Center so you can be notified. If you have internet connection for monitoring, your system will not respond during a power outage. Best way to protect yourself and family are to add a GSM module – this requires no landline or internet and is the most reliable way to monitor.

The system allows a brief period for you to turn off your system before an alarm signal is sent to the Customer Monitoring Center. This gives you enough time to cancel the signal and prevent a false alarm.

No. Your system is an independent unit and can only be turned off at your control touchpad.

If you’ve already enjoyed Supreme services for at least two years, Supreme will provide you with a $250.00 discount on the installation of a system in your new home as part of the Relocation Discount Guarantee.

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