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Access control systems increase your business’ security by managing workplace access while restricting unauthorized personnel from entering the premises. Businesses with highly-secure products and processes can significantly benefit when installing these systems. We rely on the quality of top brands like Honeywell and DSC for state-of-the-art access control systems in Calgary that defend your business’ most important areas.  

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What Access Control Can Do For You

Control Access

Our access control systems give management control over who is permitted or denied entry to particular areas of your commercial space. This allows greater control of your business’ security standards.

Monitor Access Points

Commercial access control systems in Calgary allow you to follow who enters the building and who isn’t. You can also keep track of workplace schedules and entries with detailed usage records.

Protect Your Business

Access control systems reduce the threat of unwanted visitors entering your workplace. Each door requires either a keycode, access card or biometric access, or a combination of these.

Our Commercial Access Control Solutions

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Keypad locks – whether touch screen or traditional buttons – offer businesses the best of both worlds: high-end security and accessibility for employees and management, and the convenience of a simple entry without being overly expensive.

Access Cards

Access cards are not only recommended for industrial facilities and labs but also for commercial spaces. It allows people to come and go into the building by swiping or touching their unique card to the access control system.

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Biometric Access

This highly-advanced security solution scans a person’s biological data, such as their fingerprints, retinas, facial structure or voice, to either grant or deny them entry into a building or area. 

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What to Expect With Commercial Access
Control Solutions From Supreme


We offer custom-designed access control solutions based on your business’ security requirements. We can bring together several different systems to form a valuable bundle.


Our highly-trained and experienced team can install various access control systems with precision and excellence. The installation is quick, efficient and cost-effective.

Product Training

After installation, we provide detailed and extensive training to your relevant management and employees, so they understand how to use the system correctly and efficiently.

Ongoing Monitoring
& Support

Monitoring and maintaining your access control system is crucial in the long term. We support your business with ongoing support so your device is always in top working order.

You simply deactivate the security code or access card given to the employees, rendering their access to your business obsolete. The same applies to all biometric data. For this reason, access control systems can be significantly more cost effective than traditional locks that need to be changed with each team member turnover. 

It all depends on what system you’re using and what is required for your security needs. In most cases, every management and employee will get a unique code or keycard to access your business. Our security company can customize and verify the process for creating user profiles for your team.

Depending on the system or bundle you have chosen, you can integrate commercial alarm systems with your access control system.

The person needs to report that they lost their keypads or forgot their code, so it can be deactivated. A new card or code can be reinstated.