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Hardwired Alarm Systems vs Wireless: What’s Better For You?

Calgary Security Camera: hardwired alarm systems vs wireless

The demand for effective security systems has grown immensely since first created due to many households’ need for home protection. Many families choose security systems to reduce any chances of home robberies and trespassers. These systems help curate a protective halo around the home to allow homeowners to feel secure.  By utilizing different devices, like a Calgary home security camera, any property can become virtually secured, but what system is best? 

Find out the difference between hardwired alarm systems and wireless, the benefits and drawbacks, and which one might be more suitable for your household.

What are hardwired home security systems?

Hardwired security systems are reliant on wires that run through a home that are meant to transmit signals, audio, and video to a central system. This footage or audio can be listened to and watched at any time by the homeowner, or it can be sent to a network. When an alarm or signal goes off in your home, a security network comprised of a team of people will let you know, or the authorities, that something nefarious is occurring within the home. This system needs a power outlet and at least one cord for the central hub and its extended components to work correctly. 

What are wireless systems?

Wireless security systems communicate signals and alerts through radio waves rather than cables and installed wires. Its transmission remains utterly wireless as it communicates between sensors, cameras, and control panels and sends emergent notifications to a homeowner’s phone or to a security network team. Much like a hardwired system, a central panel can be a touchscreen mounted on any convenient part of the home. 

Homeowner using her touch screen security device before leaving the house
Homeowner using her touch screen security device before leaving the house

Pros of the hardwired system

Hardwired security systems are beneficial as they are less likely to run out of power. They have a reliable signal, clear video and audio, and few complex components, making it a straightforward system to grasp and use. There is also no chance of a wireless hacker intercepting the system. 


With the benefits that come with the hardwired system, there are other setbacks. It can be challenging to hide the lengthy wiring of the hardwired systems when installing them into the walls. These systems require wiring in various locations and will need repairs when needed. The system has to remain in the home and cannot be easily moved. Hardwired security also has a limited number of cameras that can be set up due to the lack of jacks within one home.

Pros of the wireless system

Wireless security systems often become convenient for homeowners as the installation is relatively simplistic and the system is flexible and mobile. Wireless also is battery operated, making it more straightforward to install than the hardwired systems. It is impossible to dismantle the system by cutting the wire due to the system virtually having no wires. And finally, adding more cameras is always an easy option, and it can integrate well with other devices in the home. 


The disadvantages of wireless include that the walls and floors can easily obstruct and interrupt the wireless signal, impacting how well the Calgary security cameras function. This system is also susceptible to hacking, and the batteries will need frequent changes. Unfortunately, this wireless system also solely depends on whether or not the wifi works at your home. If the wifi goes down, the cameras will stop working. 

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