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How to Build a Smart Kids Room To Help Keep Kids Safe, Comfortable and Make Life Easier

Author: Becky Gjerde 
Published: April 24, 2019

Baby products, toddler gear and pre-school accessories have gone through many evolutions over the years. We’ve come far from the days when kids didn’t even ride in car seats. Today’s parents are faced with a multitude of purchasing decisions, and with so many decisions, how do you know what’s actually going to add value – or spark joy – in the long run?

Just like car seats, smart home technologies for your child’s nursery can make babies safer, and make parents’ lives much easier. As a mom with a strong “tribe,” I’ve gathered the following recommendations to help modern parents create a smart kids bedroom for a safe and happy, growing child.

Tip #1: Use Technology That Grows With Them

Smart monitoring gives you the ability to check in on your baby from your smart phone. The Honeywell Home™ C2 Wi-Fi Security Camera makes for a great high-tech baby monitor. The camera can detect motion and sound, even recognizing a baby’s cry, and send notifications directly to the Honeywell Home app. Better yet – when you don’t need to monitor baby in the crib, you can move the camera into another area of your home and make it a D.I.Y. security cam.

Tip #2: Spark Play with Smart Lights

From playtime to bedtime, kids’ imaginations are electric! Smart lighting can bring to life those dreams. For example, you can install a color-changing LED smart bulb in your child’s lamp that can fill your child’s room with their favorite colors. Use a rainbow setting when visiting the ‘land of unicorns,’ or use a blue hue when pretending to live ‘under the sea.’ You also can use lights to signal dusk, which can help cue bedtime.

Tip #3: Make Clean Up a Breeze

Arguably one of the most-important, low-tech solutions in a bedroom is smart storage. A few simple, kid-friendly storage containers in the closet or under the bed can mean the difference between a fun or challenging clean-up session.

Tip #4: Use Smart Speakers for Relaxation

The bedtime struggle is real! Whether kids ask for ‘one more story,’ or ‘anther glass of milk,’ kids love to stall at bedtime. At night, use calming music – or even a kid-friendly meditation story – to help lull your kids to sleep.

Tip #5: Remember That When baby Sleeps, Everyone Sleeps

Research says the ideal room temperature for infants is between 68 and 72 degrees. Smart thermostats, like the new Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat, have smart room sensors that keep comfort in check. As naps or sleep schedules change, you can easily adjust the temperature in that room via the Honeywell Home app, or through voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

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