Back To School COVID Safety Measures

Five tips on making Calgary area schools safer during COVID-19.

Author: David
Published: October 21, 2020

calgary school automation security systemsStudents, Parents, and School Administrators have health concerns during COVID – monitoring systems can help. One of the many changes this school year has been a no visitor policy at nearly all local schools. COVID-19 brings many concerns when it comes to starting the school year this fall. Students, parents, and staff all have worries, but not the usual back-to-school troubles. Pencil, paper, and clothes shopping seem to be a distant memory. Now the only focus is staying healthy and preventing the spread of the virus. The question is, is there a way to confront this issue? What’s the best way to reduce the spread of Coronavirus during this school year?

  • Ensuring a quality Alarm monitoring system is a reliable way to keep things under control. This type of technology allows constant observation over school areas and movements. It’s ideal for tracking any alarming activity and maintaining the necessary precautions.
  • Adding automation where you can lock / unlock doors remotely
  • Adding camera system indoor & outdoor to track visitors & check on your loved ones
  • Adopting a no visitor policy, as many Calgary schools have, provides a clear view of how many people are in the building at all times. Surveillance and safety measures are much more manageable when there’s complete awareness of the number of people on site.
  • A part of the surveillance system can be a motion detection and notification component.

Protecting school environments from COVID is crucial. It ensures health, education, and a bright future for all. And when it comes to safety, taking risks isn’t an option. Make the area safe with quality systems and security measures.


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