These days everything is smart and connected – our phones, our homes and our cars. With just a few simple voice commands or clicks of an app, you can check the weather, sports, traffic and your personal calendar of events. Yet with all of that data at our fingertips, approximately 75% of U.S. broadband households don’t know what is happening with their most important investment – their home.

According to PARKS Associates research, approximately 22% of broadband households have a professionally monitored security system, while roughly 2% of broadband households have a self-monitored security system.

During the past month, our Cheddar @ Home partners have highlighted several of Resideo’s professional and DIY home security solutions, and our product experts discussed future advancements within the industry and how you can begin to integrate some of these new home security features into your own home. With these systems, you can keep a close eye on your house whether you sought the help of a professional or installed it yourself. So how do you know which type of solution is right for you?

A ‘Do it for Me’ Solution

One of the confusion points with smart-home technology is that there’s so much of it. You could fill your entire house with smart devices from several different companies…and it can be hard to find options that work together and are compatible with each other. A professional home automation and security dealer can design an entire system that helps provide peace of mind and incorporates other benefits to simplify and enhance your daily life. For example, not only can a professionally monitored solution detect the sound of a smoke alarm or identify when an intruder is trying to break in, but it can help automate your lights, locks and create “scenes” for when you go to bed at night. It will even alert you if you leave your garage door open when you’ve left for the office.

A professionally monitored system can also help save your life. Resideo’s new SiXCOMBO functions as a monitored smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, and includes a one-go-all-go feature. For example, if a sensor in the basement detects smoke, heat or carbon monoxide, it will sound all of the home’s sensors/alarms, alerting your family so they can get out fast. At the same time, the monitoring center is notified and contacts first responders quickly to minimize damage.

A ‘Do it Yourself’ Solution

A self-monitored smart home security system includes wireless sensors and cameras, all linked to an app that you can monitor yourself. This may be a great option if you’re renting a home or just beginning to explore smart home solutions.

Honeywell Home™ Smart Home Security

Resideo offers a self-installed and self-monitored awareness system that integrates with all popular smart-home ecosystems, and even has Alexa integrated in the camera base. The system also is compatible with a variety of Resideo’s Honeywell Home™ security cameras.

In the age of smartphones, it can be tough to keep up with every new feature and app. Resideo’s professional and self-monitored solutions – and network of independent professional installers – help offer peace of mind, so you can spend more time with your loved ones.