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Our steady growth is driven by our loyal customers who appreciate our years of experience and dedication to them. Our reputation for providing high quality trusted security systems and services is what we live for. We have had recommendations from over 16,000 satisfied Calgarian home and business customers – and we intend to keep this growing.

The alarm system may be armed in the “Away” or “Stay” mode. Once the system is activated, each monitored zone has the ability to recognize a violation. Once a zone has been violated, the alarm system then dials Supreme and transmits the message through a telephone line, internet, and GSM. Once the signal is received, the alarm system will wait to send another message if another zone is tripped. Entering the code and turning off the system will end this process.

A motion detector may activate falsely due to improper installation of the device above a heater or furnace. Movement of objects such as balloons, blinds, and curtains within the range of a motion detector may also trigger an alarm activation. The motion detector may require relocation or adjustment by an Supreme technician.

The alarm system provides a delay period for the user. This delay period allows the user to disarm the system in order to prevent an alarm activation. The delay period can range from 30 seconds up to 3 minutes.

An alarm panel will normally display “No AC” when the system has lost electrical current. The outlet should be checked to verify that it is operational. If the outlet is working properly a service call will be needed.

An alarm system may lose communications for several reasons. The telephone line the system communicates through may be inoperable or equipment on the alarm system may not be functioning properly. Operational malfunctions within your phone company or Supreme may also be possible reasons for communications failure.

Yes. It is your responsibility to make sure that your system is in good working order. Supreme regularly initiates a communications performance test. It’s easy to test your system; just refer to your owner handbook or call 403 242 7777 and follow the simple instructions. If you find that a part of your system is not working properly, call Supreme at 403 242 7777 to request repair service.

No. If you have an emergency, call 911 first. If you are unable to call 911, then depress the panic or fire alarm button on your touchpad, and Supreme will request emergency services.

Yes. In case of a power loss, the back-up battery will activate to maintain your alarm protection for several hours. In the event your battery is low, a low-battery signal will be sent to your Customer Monitoring Center so you can be notified. If you have internet connection for monitoring, your system will not respond during a power outage. Best way to protect yourself and family are to add a GSM module – this requires no landline or internet and is the most reliable way to monitor.

If you hold down the panic or fire alarm buttons on the touchpad for 1 to 3 seconds, an alarm is transmitted to the Supreme Customer Monitoring Center, and emergency services are dispatched immediately. An alarm received in this manner cannot be canceled.

The system allows a brief period for you to turn off your system before an alarm signal is sent to the Customer Monitoring Center. This gives you enough time to cancel the signal and prevent a false alarm.

No. Your system is an independent unit and can only be turned off at your control touchpad.

Supreme will be happy to investigate any problems you’re having with your equipment. Just call 403 242 7777 for any service-related issues.

No. The Supreme system is designed to seize your phone line in order to call the Supreme Customer Monitoring Center. It will then release the line in order for the Customer Monitoring Center to notify you that an alarm signal was received.

Your alarm system is capable of sending many types of signals to Supreme, which is why we spend a lot of time during the installation testing the alarms. Very rarely a system will send a signal that is not clearly defined in our database and requires us to update our information.

Your keypad is informing you that the alarm system is not ready to turn on (arm). Common reasons for this are that a door or window is not completely closed, a motion detector may be sensing movement, or a previous alarm has not been cleared out of the memory. Correct the condition and the alarm system will be ready to arm.

Call us directly at 403 242 7777 and we will update your account or send over a form for you to change your key holders. Have your personal identification code ready in order to make your changes. Make sure to tell everyone on your call list what to do in case they receive a call from Supreme.

Sometimes, because of billing cycles, your first bill is issued before the payment has been posted. The payment will appear on your next bill; if not, call Supreme.

Yes. Supreme offers a special Extended Limited Warranty/Quality Service Plan (QSP), which will cover the repair or replacement costs of the equipment for just a few dollars each month. To get the Quality Service Plan for your Supreme system, call 403 242 7777.

If you’ve already enjoyed Supreme services for at least two years, Supreme will provide you with a $250.00 discount on the installation of a system in your new home as part of the Relocation Discount Guarantee.

If a Supreme technician or installer is not currently working on your alarm system, your system was left in a programming mode. Call Supreme at 403 242 7777 and speak to an operator for instructions on exiting the programming mode.

Your time is important and our technicians strive to arrive promptly as scheduled. If we miss an appointment and have not contacted you, please call 403 242 7777 and inquire about a pending service request. A Supreme service dispatcher will quickly assist you.

Yes but the overall reliability of the network connections used by some VoIP providers has not presently been proven to be as reliable as the more traditional, landline-based telephone service (Public Switched Telephone Network). Some VoIP services may be temporarily unavailable due to scheduled or unscheduled network outages. You may be familiar with such lapses in service based on your own experiences using the Internet. Supreme SafeWatch uses a cellular network to connect an Supreme alarm system to the Supreme Customer Monitoring Center, bypassing non-traditional telephone services altogether.

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